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Thanks everyone for your patience during the move to our new offices - we're sorry if we were a bit hard to get hold of for a few days. Our contact details remain the same and we're now working hard on our next issue. If you're wondering about the photo, it's the office cat curled up in a New Zealand Post tray during the move - in the best traditions of the internet, this photo was one of the most-viewed posts on our Facebook page that month. So much for SEO! Like us on Facebook and get the latest news here.






Westpac's quarterly summary of the prospects for New Zealand's economy suggests some of the shine has come off our growth story, but it's only temporary. 'By our reckoning it will be a number of years before New Zealand enters a more lasting downturn,' says Dominick Stephens, the Chief Economist for Westpac. Read more.





opportunities - 



Helping Kiwi businesses grow while making life better for owners is the focus of these franchises. Can you see an opportunity in your area?



Just launching in NZ, Appliance Tagging Services is Australia's leading electrical safety franchise. 

EmbroidMe is enjoying massive growth providing branded apparel and promotional products.

A new look for SBA acts like a magnet for Tauranga franchisee's small business customers.

Pack & Send focuses on making its franchisees truly profitable as the company goes on growing.










GST for beginners

If you're new to business, GST can be confusing. As a franchisee, you're likely to be involved with GST matters from the very start, so what is it, when do you charge it and what do you have to do with it? Here's a helpful summary from someone who has helped many franchisees get to grips with their new businesses - Philip Morrison of Franchise Accountants.





next IFA chairman wants franchisees to HAVE MORE CLOUT

Aziz Hashim is the multi-unit franchisee who will take over as chairman of America's International Franchise Association in 2016. He knows which brands he'd never touch: 'You look at the boards of companies that purport to be franchisors, and you will be hard-pressed to find a franchisee anywhere. How strange is that?  I think the industry needs to take a stronger look at the wisdom and talent of franchisees and use that.' Read more.





opportunities -



When it comes to coffee and cake, everyone has their favourite. Choosing a franchise is the same - which opportunity will best suit you? Check out our guide to food trends in NZ. 



Cafe2U people love living the mobile life.

Experienced franchisee helps The Cheesecake Shop go national.

Columbus Coffee appeals to young entrepreneurs.

His-and-Hers franchises with The Coffee Guy have funded new home.










franchisors still MOSTLY POSITIVE

The latest Franchising Confidence Index finds franchisors retain an optimistic outlook across many key growth drivers, although service providers are more cautious. Notably, the education, tourism, retail and construction sectors reported strength and growth, but also advised of challenges with finding suitable franchisees and employees. Read more.




corporate & services people IN DEMAND

As the Index shows, finding suitable new franchisees is a problem for many franchises right now. This means that well-qualified people will have a range of options open to them. This should appeal particularly to those from a corporate or services background, says Daniel Cloete. Read more






opportunities -



If you're used to managing a sizeable company or corporate division, there are plenty of opportunities to suit. Find more on white collar franchises here.



Immigrants found NZ a land of milk and money thanks to the Anchor distribution franchise.

Latitude Homes offers good managers an opportunity in the building business with kitset homes.

The general manager of an HRV Ventilation franchise liked it so much he bought the company.

Palmers Planet's new franchisees are serial retailers who know a good concept when they see it.










franchisee 'bans' kia ora, MEDIA FANS THE FLAMES

When a KiwiYo franchisee apparently stopped a young staff member saying 'Kia Ora', the employee resigned and took her grievance to the local paper. The national media ensured the issue quickly escalated, giving the franchisor little chance of being heard despite an intelligent and inclusive response. Read through some of the comments in the Herald and Stuff coverage and it's clear many commenters didn't bother to read the full article before posting calls for boycotts. That's how quickly reputations can be damaged - and it's only got worse since we published this article after a similar incident in 2009.




who employs EMPLOYEES?

So who is responsible for employee management in a franchise - the franchisee who pays and trains them, or the franchisor who sets the standards and controls the brand? It's a hot topic in the US right now, where the National Labor Relations Board has told McDonald's it will allow workers filing labour complaints to treat the franchisor company as a 'joint employer' with its franchisees. Read more.

But in another case, a US Court of Appeal has reversed a federal court's decision as to whether a pizza franchisor can be considered the employer of a franchisee's worker. Read more

It's an issue NZ legislators haven't been sure how to handle, either.





SNIPPETS from our news feed & facebook pages

Burger King is to display the total kilojoules per product on its menu boards but other chains will not follow suit, saying the information is available elsewhere in store. 

Meanwhile, in the US Burger King is moving its base to Canada after taking over Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons. It's caused outrage in some quarters as the 'American icon' becomes a foreign national (and benefits from lower tax rates) but it's already Brazilian-owned. A Canadian expert says the merger offers global opportunities for Tim Hortons. 

Fastway Couriers is continuing to grow in Auckland with a new depot and new GM as online retailing increases demand.

The Mad Butcher's listed parent company, Veritas, made an after-tax profit of $4.3 million for the year ending June 30 after a strong final quarter for the butchery franchise. 

McDonald's has announced it will enter the $11 billion US retail coffee market following successful testing of bagged McCafe coffee in supermarkets earlier this year. The move is yet another initiative - like Georgie Pie in NZ - aimed at expanding McDonald's market away from its core burger business.





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