Thursday, 24 April 2014

Autism Speaks Canada Partnership - A Buyers Choice Home Inspections (Building Inspections)

ABCHI Forms Philanthropic Partnership with Autism Speak Canada

April 23, 2014

Good day to the ABCHI Family,

It is with sincere excitement and deep meaning that we share with you news of a new partnership that ABCHI has formed.

We are partnering with Autism Speaks Canada to fund research into the causes, prevention, treatments and cures for autism, as well as to enhance the public's awareness about autism.

Charitable causes request ABCHI commitments from home office and franchisee partners several times a year, and it is important for us to be active in philanthropy. It is along these lines that ABCHI Home Office and the regional owners have come together in jointly selecting Autism Speaks Canada.

To support the efforts, our public relations partner, All Points Public Relations, is conducting proactive media outreach aimed at generating awareness for our new relationship with Autism Speaks. This is being carried out throughout Canada and you will be kept abreast of press opportunities generated in your markets.

This announcement comes amid one of Autism Speaks' most prolific promotional periods – Autism Awareness Month. We join them in their efforts this April, but our partnership is year-round.

Our first year fundraising goal is $15,000. To achieve this amount, we ask you to consider contributing .15 cents per inspection monthly. This small amount per inspection, while seemingly insignificant, should allow us, with our combined efforts, to reach our stated goal.

For those who participate, the region as well as home office will match your contribution. The ABCHI home office will account for and pay all donations from each individual franchise partner. And, Autism Speaks Canada will issue each individual partner tax receipts at years end. We will pay contributions at the same time we pay monthly royalties.

ABCHI will offer participating franchise partners ABCHI/Autism Speaks Canada vehicle stickers, marketing messages on your micro websites and all promotional materials. We will be advertising, "for every inspection performed, a donation will be made…"

This is a fantastic opportunity for A Buyer's Choice to join a cause marketing campaign that receives significant national exposure. There is a significant portion of the population, all things being equal, which will support our business as a result.

We thank you for your participation and welcome any questions you may have.


Bill Redfern
A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections
President & CEO 

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