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Pre-Inspected & SOLD

Pre-Sale Home Inspection 



Most real estate agents agree:   buying or selling a home ranks among the most stressful experiences of adult life. It can get to the point of being an emotional battle of wills between buyers, sellers and real estate agents all wanting the best deal for the house. And, once that deal is negotiated and accepted everyone can then sit back and plan their move, or can they?


In almost all property transactions today there are still conditions to be met even after the price and terms have been negotiated and accepted. Twenty years ago, it was rare to see an offer on a property with a condition that the home must be inspected by a professional home inspector. Today, it is rare to see an offer that does not have this contingency. How does that   affect the home seller?


Basically, it means that the home will be put under the “micro-scope”. A home inspector will go through the property, itemising any and all of the Home’s minor and major defects, and will report those findings to the purchaser. The inspector's job is to carefully check the home’s structural and mechanical systems for problems that can lead to large repair bills later. The home inspection is a critical part of the sale process. Nobody wants to buy a “bad” house. However, some buyers use the results of a home inspection as an opportunity for re-negotiation, often requesting the homeowner to reduce the sale price by thousands of dollars. This process can turn into a nightmare for an unprepared seller. Home inspections can cost home sellers thousands of dollars and in some cases, a failed transaction.


No home is perfect. Many homes may not have major problems, but even a number of minor defects can give rise to a buyer’s request for abatement (a reduction in the sale price) or a complete release from the agreement. Sometimes it’s just that the home inspector scared the purchaser by not explaining that the minor and typical problems are just that - minor and typical. The last thing any homeowner wants in the “eleventh hour” of the sale is a purchaser who wants to re-negotiate the sale.


The Solution:


We will have a professional home inspection prepared on your property when you first put your home on the market. Many homeowners aren’t even aware of some of the minor problems that may exist in their home. Having knowledge of these problems before an offer comes in gives you the opportunity to remedy some of these issues or make the buyer aware of them before the sale is made.


Dealing with these issues before an offer comes in will greatly reduce the possibilities of a buyer attempting to use the minor problems as a reason to ask you to reduce your price even further. This program has already helped many home owners achieve better results.


The inspector’s job is to carefully check the home’s structural and mechanical systems for problems that can lead to large repair bills later.


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