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Marketing Tip #1 - Buying an investor own property

Marketing Tip #1 - Buying an investor own property

By Will Johnson - Realtor Sustainability Advocate Inspection Perfection (888) 552-4677


Buying an Investor owned Property


Buying a home? Chances are you will encounter an investor owned property otherwise known as a

“flipped” home. Trendy, attractive renovations include new paint and flooring. Kitchen and bathroom

renovations are the biggest attraction. This also adds value in the appraisal process. However some

caution should be taken into consideration. As profits are the bottom line, some of functional features

of a home like plumbing, electrical, heating systems may be costly repairs and therefore untouched.

Flipped homes may have high carrying costs, so renovations are rushed. Lowest bid contractor usually

gets the order. This may lead to unskilled, underpaid and uninsured workers with little quality control or


In addition, there may be no disclosure provided as the investor hasn’t lived in the property. This means

usually no history of damage, repairs, additions and/or renovations.

Under these circumstances, the home inspection becomes a crucial process. As a trusted source, a

certified home inspector provides an unbiased, objective evaluation of all the major components of a

home. This reassures the buyer of thoroughness and objectivity of the inspection process. A detailed

report is provided for further review and documentation.

Certification provided by the California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) develops and fosters

ongoing education. CREIA has developed an accepted standard inspection agreement, Standards of

Practice and Code of Ethics. These all add assurance to the inspection process and confidence in the

real estate transaction.


Totally agree, have it checked to make sure it is what you were expecting. Call me today even if you are just after free confidential advice.

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